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Careful Spa Design and Management is Promotes Safety and Enjoyment

Many facilities such as hotels have added spa centers to their core business strategy. These facilities add another revenue stream by providing many services appreciated by their existing customer base. However, because they are not part of the core business model, very few of their managers have any experience in this field. As a result they have partnered with a Spa Management, Manhattan company to oversee this specialty function. Spas generally have several distinct service areas. There are calm and relaxing rooms for individual beauty treatments and stress reduction techniques such as massages. Grouped beauty areas contain functions such as salons that are much more upbeat and energetic. Active areas range from yoga rooms to swimming pools.

Water features have grown in popularity over the years. Many spas use them for treatments, relaxation, and exercise. They can include hot tubs, lane pools, and large swimming pools that feature natural waterfalls and grottoes. Once they are added, a new layer of Aquatic Consulting management and supervision is required. Any time a client is placed in water either for treatments or exercise in a pool, the water quality has to be carefully monitored to prevent any type of contamination. The temperature of the water has to be regulated to prevent burns.

Swimming pools of any type have to be monitored to ensure guest safety. Some spas will assign a staff person with lifeguard skills to monitor the area, others will post warning signs that no lifeguard is on duty and just use a live camera to monitor the area sporadically. Some spas just post the sign and provide no supervision.

Risk management increases when hot water and electricity are combined. Areas that feature whirlpool baths or hot tubs have to be inspected frequently. They also have to be designed carefully so that wet clients don’t come in contact with electrical wires or outlets. If an accident does occur, then the Spa Management Manhattan company has to be able to perform it’s own audit to prevent it from happening again. It will also have to explain how it happened to various local inspectors.

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