Career services at Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland

Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland , leads by the motto “ Real world experience , Life long connections ”. CAA Switzerland believes that Career Services is a comprehensive resource focused on equipping you to be a leader in the global marketplace.

There are various internship and job opportunities that Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland opens up while you are associated with them. The  first-class services include customized programs and events for the unique student population and academic community. CAA will get you invaluable real-world experience, and opportunities of connecting with people at the heart of the business, and learning from the best in the industry.

Not only does CAA provide the experiences that lead to a better growth but moreover , it gives the exposure necessary to set you apart from the ordinary. Take a look at the various internship stories of culinary expertise – such as Operating in Switzerland’s fine dining restaurants , Taline Karamanian – Lausanne Palace or Russia’s Michellin Star experience !

To top it all off , CAA offers the very best unique networking opportunity ! Twice a year, you have exclusive access to the International Recruitment Forum (IRF), one of the largest career events in Europe, where the students get the opportunity to network, attend career presentations, meet and interview with industry representatives, participate in panel discussions, and learn from industry experts. Throughout the year, recruiters from different industries from all over the world also visit the school. 

We hope this article will help you get clarity about your future endeavours and help you decide the best choice for you! We wish you all the best in achieving all your goals in the Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland . However we at Switz Education can make your journey smoother and more efficient. We are just a call away !

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