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Carbide Grinding Company: Types of Carbide And Application

Tungsten carbide is a material commonly used to produce tools. A carbide company employs and/or makes equipment out of carbide. A carbide grinding company uses machinery that features carbide cutting edges. They supply a service to many industries that need the hard edge of carbide to produce the high-quality surface customers demand of their products.

Carbide Types

Tungsten carbide remains a favorite for industries around the world. It is hard, durable, and versatile, capable of grinding such materials as hard to work grey iron as well as more malleable materials as plastic, rubber, and glass. Carbide comes in different types. These are:

  1. Boron Carbide: This type of carbide is characterized by high hardness and wear resistance. It is common for use in low-temperature applications
  2. Silicon Carbide: Black is the hardest silicon carbide. It can be applied to both ferrous and non-ferrous material including:

a. plastic

b. cast iron

c. stainless steel

This type is found for use in general cylindrical, centerless, and internal diameter (ID) grinding as well as heavy-duty snagging and rough grinding applications.

Another types of silicon carbide (SiC) sometimes used by a carbide grinding company is the more friable Green

Tungsten carbide (WC): Tungsten carbides are very hard, tough, and can readily handle “hot” situations. This makes them perfect for some of the best cutting tools available.

Other types of carbide are available, including calcium carbide, aluminum carbide, and titanium carbide.

Carbide Grinding Company

When faced with requests from customers to provide the right type of cutting and surface finishing for a workpiece, a genuine carbide grinding company knows they have the tools to accomplish the work. Their operators understand the diverse types of carbide. They also have a full comprehension of the individual properties of each kind. As a result, they can perform the work specified, knowing the resulting finish is going to be optimal.

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