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Cancer Treatment from Labiofam Research in Cuba

What exactly is Labiofam Cuba? It is a scientific research institution that is known for producing many products for the veterinarian market. They also make biolarvicides that are very powerful against the larvae of mosquitoes while remaining safe to other organisms. They also make all natural, high protein Paraiso yogurt designed especially for old people and children with no chemical preservatives. Other products include mango bark preparations, because mango tree stems have antimicrobial activity used to fight infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, whooping cough, pneumonia, and bacterial pharyngitis. Household cleaning products and plastic containers are also made by the company.

One of the most exciting products from Labiofam Cuba is the Vidatox homeopathic medications. Homeopathy is a type of alternative medicine where the substance that causes disease will help cure the disease in very low doses. The theory is that “like cures like” and remedies come from a variety of plants, animals, and minerals. The Labiofam Entrepreneurial Group researchers have formulated a homeopathic drug from the venom of the Rhopalurus junceus scorpion which is endemic to the islands of Cuba and the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. Common names for the scorpion include the blue scorpion due to a bluish color on the tail and stinger or the red scorpion because the rest of the body is reddish.

The diluted scorpion venom increases white blood cell production and enhances the natural defenses of the body. Additionally it has anti-inflammatory and analgesic or pain relief properties. The preparation is known as Vidatox 30CH, or just Vidatox, and it targets the needs of cancer patients by improving their quality of life and the survival rates for the users. Vidatox is often called the Blue Scorpion treatment for cancer, and it stimulates the immune system to battle growing tumors.

The Vidatox cancer medication blocks tumor angiogenesis which is the ability of a tumor to create new blood vessels which is essential to the accelerated growth of cancer cells. If the vessels are not formed, the tumor does not receive needed nutrients, so it eventually dies off. The medication is taken orally by placing sublingual drops under the tongue. Patients who have taken the drug show substantial improvement in the hematological parameters of the illness as well as improvement in the function of affected systems and organs. It is a great breakthrough for Labiofam that will save millions of lives around the globe.

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