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Calling A Service That Provides Animal Control in Dublin OH To Remove Gophers

When a home’s property has several gopher holes present in gardens and throughout the lawn, removing them from the area is surely a concern. There are several different steps to take to try to get gophers to vacate a property. Most people will call a service that does Animal Control in Dublin OH for assistance. These following methods are also helpful in eliminating gophers from a property.

Use Sound To Scare Gophers

Gophers will leave an area where they feel as if they are being threatened. Loud sounds scare gophers and work well at getting them to look for a new location to take up residence. To keep sound from annoying neighbors, use small radios to emit sound directly into gopher holes. Place a radio inside a plastic bag and use batteries as a power source. Slide the radio inside of a gopher hole with a loud channel playing. Make sure the speaker portion is pointed downward. Remove the radio after a day, so gophers inside can escape the lair and move on to a new home.

Try Using Cayenne Pepper

Gophers dislike the taste of cayenne pepper. Pulverize ground cayenne pepper until it becomes a powdery substance. Add water and place inside a spray bottle. Use this mixture to spray all foliage in the area, including any garden plants. If a gopher tries to eat one of the plants, it will taste the pepper and stop this process.

Use Traps And Relocate

Gopher traps are found at hunting supply stores. These are small plastic or metal cages that allow gophers to push open a door portion to get inside. They are unable to push it back outward to escape. Place some peanut butter in a cage before inserting it into a gopher hole or placing it nearby. Wear gloves during this process as gophers will shy away from items with the odor of human skin oil left upon them. When a gopher becomes trapped, bring it to a wooded area away from home for relocating purposes.

When there is a desire to contact a service that provides Animal Control in Dublin OH, finding one with experience in gopher removal is necessary. Know more about our company by checking out the website today.

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