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Calling Plumbers in Huber Heights, OH When A Urinal Becomes Clogged

When a business has an incident occurs where a men’s urinal becomes clogged, finding one of the Plumbers in Huber Heights OH will most likely be necessary to get the situation remedied promptly. After the clog is removed, steps should be taken to ensure a future problem does not happen. Here are some steps that will beneficial in keeping a urinal in the best of condition when it is being used by the public.

Check The Condition Regularly

It is important to have someone available to check the condition of bathrooms on a routine basis throughout the time the public will be using them. This maintenance person should keep logs regarding the frequency of their checks so other people can also do spot checks of urinals if desired. If the bathrooms are maintained on a consistent basis, any additional clogging incidents can be handled in a fast manner so an overflow condition is less likely to happen.

Provide Garbage Collection Areas

If there are ample locations in a bathroom for the collection of refuse, it is less likely it will end up in a urinal. Make sure to collect trash from bins on a regular basis so there is plenty of room in a bathroom for the disposal of items no longer needed. It is wise to also have signs near urinals indicating that they should not be used for the collection of non-biodegradable items.

Clean The Urinals Each Day

Urinals will require that screens are placed in the basin portion to help in the filtering of solid material so it does not make its way to the piping system. Replacing these screens often will help to keep liquid draining properly as it should instead of pooling in the basin area. It is best to have extra filters on hand at all times to keep urinals clean.

When there is a need to contact one of the Plumbers in Huber Heights OH to help unclog a urinal, finding one that will tend to the problem quickly is a must. Take a look at website to find out more and to obtain contact information. You can also watch video on their YouTube channel.

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