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Cable Tie Mounts for Effective Cable Management

Cable management can be handled effectively through various options available on the market. When it is necessary to convey cable in the midst of heavy machinery, the installation of cable tie mounts is an effective and simple process. Mounting of the cable tie base to the surface can be done easily with the cables secure and free from damage that could negatively affect equipment and machinery.

In the past, installation on metal surfaces of cable tie bases has been a significant issue. It has been difficult to obtain reliable, quick, and durable solution. However, cable management is made easy through the arc stud welding process with use of a particular hand-held weld.

Using Cable Tie Mounts
Cables are used extensively in a range of industries and making sure they are safe and secure presents a real challenge in many situations. This is true, in particular, when a big mesh of cables is involved in each cable must travel to a particular destination along a designated route. Cable tie holders are an effective solution in these cases.

These mounts can be used in lieu of a screw, adhesive, or weld stud. They can be installed virtually instantly with arc stud welding technology.

Quick Application
With a number of different options and designs available, including short cycle and gas arc stud weld processes, cable tie mounts are quickly applied in less than a second and give a strong weld the joins the mount and a metal surface together. With this method, you can run cable throughout the number of different structural components – something that would’ve been quite challenging in the past.

With the small size mounts, you also have wings that enable the cable tie to be placed through the mount in order to secure the cable or cable assembly in position. He magazine fed system that is useful for exclusive and rapid installation of cable tie holders is also available. In addition, single shot system may be used for lower volume applications.

Contact an experienced weld stud manufactured today for more information about how you can benefit from the use of these cable tie holders.

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