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Cabinet Builders Can Build These Innovative Cabinets for the Disabled Cook

Families remodeling their homes usually don’t have wheelchair-bound family members. If they do, then the disabled one can’t reach in the kitchen cabinets for food. The disabled constitute a pretty big sector of Americans, and they have serious kitchen needs. Atlanta cabinet builders can help. Base Cabinets are being built with pull-out shelves. Contractors build holders for cans, holders for boxes, and for holding utensils, cutting boards and cookie sheets. Into these specially made shelves. The disabled cook could conceivably reach everything she or he needed with which to prepare a meal.

Base cabinets are also being built holding dishes and glassware. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility for your nearby Atlanta cabinet builders to build pull-outs holding the coffee pot, can opener, mixer, and other small appliances. Island Cabinets One innovation that will thrill the disabled family member is cabinets in the kitchen island. We’ve noticed wine refrigerators, bookshelves, pull-outs for holding fresh produce like apples and potatoes, wine glass racks, and space for a mini-fridge and microwave.

Location Custom cabinet builders go over the client’s specific needs before they draw plans. The logical location for baking sheets and cutting boards, for instance, would be beside the stove. Base cabinets holding plates and flatware should be near the dining area. Cans and boxes of foods would be located near the stove in an ideal kitchen. The cook should carefully consider the layout of the kitchen and where the cabinets should be placed in order to maximize the space and make it easy to reach everything in the most logical way.

Opening Doors A serious consideration for a disabled cook is how the cabinet doors open. The cook should be able to get into a cabinet without the door blocking him or her. Can cabinets be made with roller doors like a garage door, or perhaps sliding doors? Yes, they can. The disabled cook could also hit a button on the remote and watch as his or her cabinet doors lift automatically.

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