Buyer and Seller’s Checklist for Real Estate Legal Services in Edmonton Jan13


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Buyer and Seller’s Checklist for Real Estate Legal Services in Edmonton

Whether you’re buying or selling your home for the first time, real estate legal services in Edmonton can be stressful as well as exciting. For many people, the sale or purchase of their home is their largest financial transaction. MD Law Real Estate’s mission is to make the experience as smooth, efficient, and satisfying as possible while ensuring a successful transaction.

You should be a vital driver of the process regardless of whether you are buying or selling. This checklist helps in ensuring that buying and selling deals is a success.

Seller’s Checklist

  • Offers of Purchase and Sale must expressly state which chattels are included in the sale.
  • Make sure you know how much the real estate agent will receive, when it will be paid, and for whom.
  • Have reasonable time limits been set to complete or comply with any matters?

Buyer’s Checklist

  • Provide serial numbers in the Offer to Purchase and Sale, as well as an indication of which Chattels will be included or excluded from the purchase.
  • If you plan to assume an existing mortgage, ensure that it can be considered. Prepare to give the mortgage company all the information they require before the sale. Make sure you understand your mortgage terms and conditions.
  • Ask the real estate agent, your mortgage lender, and your lawyer for estimates of the costs you will need to pay over and above the purchase price.

When you buy a home, you can’t just rely on a lawyer to read the fine print. Real estate legal services in Edmonton work on your behalf to ensure your interests are protected. You can rely on them for support, protection, and reassurance, and they give you peace of mind so you can sleep well.

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