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Buy the right hot tub

As winter turns to spring and you know summer days can’t be far behind, your thoughts will turn to all the activities the change of seasons will bring. From BBQs and cricket on the lawn to hot tubs in your back garden.

Hot tubs in Hemel Hempstead and elsewhere are an increasingly popular aspect of summer. With those hot summer nights, nothing is more perfect than relaxing in your own bubbling pool. It’s perfect for those romantic occasions, if you’re having a party or just need to relax yourself.

There’s a lot to think about buying a hot tub. It’s not just a simple case of going to a retailer and picking out the best looking one, even if you’re buying hot tubs in Hemel Hempstead. You have to think about size, shape, installation and upkeep among many other things. Here is a guide to making sure you buy the right hot tub.

Don’t just buy the first hot tub you see

It’s a good idea to shop around before deciding on which hot tub to buy. These are expensive items so you want to make sure you get the right one. Many businesses will sell similar brands at different prices so be careful. You also want to make sure that the retailer has good customer service and will help you with any defects as well as installation.

Decide where to place a hot tub

This is an important consideration and one people often overlook when putting money down for a hot tub. Most hot tubs tend to be 36 inches high but they vary in dimensions. For example, a small two-person tub might only be 4ftx7ft while a big 10-person hot tube could easily be as big as 8ftx11ft. Take this into consideration when buying your hot tub.

This will help you decide where in your garden to put the hot tub. Remember though, the hot tub needs to be near a source of water, or at least you need a hosepipe long enough to plug into it. It might be a good idea to put the hot tub in a shady spot to keep it away from direct sunlight. However, avoid putting it under a tree because falling debris can be a nuisance.

Get the right shape

Hot tubs come in all different shapes and sizes although the most common ones remain circle and square. You should understand the effect shape will have on the number of people that can fit inside a hot tub. A circular hot tub compared to a square hot tub will accommodate different numbers of people even if their radiuses are the same. The other thing to remember is that the shape of the hot tub will effect where in your garden you’ll be able to place it.

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