Bring Consistency and Control to Your Policy Management

by | Oct 31, 2012 | Law

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Policy development and management for your business can become a never-ending cycle of revisions, amendments, and unclear exceptions unless a consistent, comprehensive, and coherent process and format is maintained. It is understandable that as a business grows and develops and as technologies advance, policy revision will be required. However, unless such revision is incorporated into the overall management software program, it can become haphazard and inconsistent, leaving you liable for a host of problems.

Procedural and policy statements that are amended on the fly or in a reactive mode run the risk of being too tied to the crisis or situation that warranted the amendment in the first place. Policy management software benefits your corporation by providing standards and controls already in place so that your policies will be consistent and reflect best practices in the industry. By utilizing policy management software, you ensure that even a department-specific policy utilizes the same standards, controls, goals, and objectives that are held within the entire company.

In addition to providing a vehicle for consistent and uniform development of company policy, management software can also be configured such that you will be able to evaluate its use and monitor exceptions. Obviously some policy points, such as compliance with government regulations, must be upheld at all times. However, you may have some internal policy points that demand exception in certain circumstances or on certain occasions. Management software facilitates the tracking of those exceptions so that you can be fully aware of which facets of your company policy are being utilized (or set aside) at any given point.

Not only does policy management software have consistency and control as one of its benefits, it can reduce the cost, both monetary and temporal, of creating and updating policy. It will also save time and money in tracking and monitoring compliance and exceptions to that compliance. And, because you can predetermine a variety of standards or objectives, you have more of an assurance that policy is not being developed with departmental biases already in place.

If you are looking to avoid the headaches of having inconsistent, duplicate, or poorly defined or clarified policies within your corporate structure, utilizing policy management software that is tied to your overall management program is the best way to ensure comprehensive and objective policy development and management. Your company’s policy manual need not read as though it is a series of fragmented and amended policies pieced together over time. Rather, develop policy that is consistent and in keeping with the highest of industry standards with policy management software.

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