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Brighten Your Smile

A bright, healthy smile can do wonders for your face. It makes you appear healthy and well groomed. Not to mention the self esteem boost that you will get every time you look in the mirror. There are a number of ways to get that healthy, white smile with Teeth Whitening South Amboy.

Cosmetic dentistry has made many advances in the field of Teeth Whitening South Amboy. However, the process is not something that is unique to modern man. Teeth Whitening preparations using combinations of goat milk and urine date back thousands of years to Ancient Rome. The need to whiten or in some cases, bleach to a lighter color is caused by a variety of different factors. Certain artificial colors and dyes in the foods that we consume can have a negative impact on the brightness of teeth, as can certain beverages including coffee, tea and red wine. For individual who happen to smoke the tar and nicotine found in cigarettes can have a devastating effect on your smile.

Correcting the problem of discoloration of the teeth can be accomplished a number of different ways. Many people elect to have their teeth whitened by a experienced dentist. This procedure usually involves having the teeth painted with a hydrogen peroxide solution and then exposing the teeth to special high powered lighting This method of teeth whitening assures a certain level of safety since it is being performed by a professional.

There are many teeth whitening kits that can be purchased directly by the consumer. These kits generally contain some sort of strip or gel that is applied to the teeth. Consumers generally have a choice as to the concentration, or strength of the product that they purchase. The low concentration method typically takes longer to work because the gel is not very strong. The result with this type of teeth whitening is often less effective than other methods. By contrast, the high concentration method is generally much faster, usually delivering results in a number of minutes, not days and is often more effective than the low concentration method.

The vast majority of people who have chosen to brighten up their smiles are more than happy with the results.

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