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Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery and the Typical Recovery Period Necessary

Well when discussing breast augmentation plastic surgery there are two types and each can require very different recovery periods.  A breast augmentation plastic surgery takes generally far less time to recover from then does the sub-muscular breast implant plastic surgery procedure.  The sub-gland breast implant surgery procedure consists of inserting an implant over top of the breast muscle, better known as the sub-gland placement surgery procedure.  However recovery time for the breast augmentation that is actually under the breast muscle, a sub-pectoral placement procedure is more than is necessary for sub-gland breast augmentation plastic surgery.  The sub-muscular procedure is more difficult in recovering as the pectoral muscle itself undergoes quite a bit of stretching to allow for the placement of the implant itself.

Recovery time for a breast augmentation plastic surgery with the implant above the pectoral muscle is approximately one month, or three to six weeks.  Whereas a sub-muscular breast augmentation procedure has an average recovery time of four to five months, a far longer period as it is a more invasive procedure in general.  Naturally as with any surgery health and statistical factors of the patient are variables that can play significantly upon these average recoveries time periods.

Regardless the type of breast augmentation plastic surgery you decide to undergo, the recovery process is essentially the same, but for the purposes of this writing we will refer to sub-gland breast augmentation plastic surgery recovery procedures and time frames.  For the initial few days to one week the woman will use continuous ice packs and cold compresses to relieve and aid in the reduction of swelling. Shortly thereafter the bruising will be evident.  The cold from the ice packs helps in reducing the swelling but also aids in pain relief and discomfort.  During the breast augmentation plastic surgery a drain is placed in order to facilitate fluid drainage from the surgery site.  This is done to avoid the buildup of fluids within the chest area and warrants of potential infection risks.  The fluid is caught in a plastic bag receptacle that is something to be changed daily. The woman will still be receiving and using prescription pain management treatment and will come into the office of the plastic surgeon on a follow up appointment when it is time to remove the drain tube.

Upon the first surgical follow up after a breast augmentation plastic surgery the woman can still find that the prescriptions and recovery render her rather tired and lacking energy, this is standard.  The doctor will remove the gauze dressings and the patient will have a surgical bra placed over the chest area to relieve any weight during the healing process.  Most times the stiches are removed at the second follow up appointment after the breast augmentation plastic surgery, approximately 7-14 days after the initial procedure.

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