Brake Maintenance Tips for Heavy Duty Trucks Aug07


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Brake Maintenance Tips for Heavy Duty Trucks

If your commercial trucks spend a lot of time on the road, it can place increased wear and tear on the brakes. Trucks hauling thousands of pounds of cargo take longer to stop and require heavy-duty braking systems. If you want your trucks to stay in top shape (and avoid costly accidents), you should have a good maintenance plan in place. These tips from your truck tire center in Oklahoma City can help.

Complete Brake Jobs

When brake shoes wear out, they have to be replaced. However, your truck’s brake system has other parts which can wear too. For example, new shoes with rusted or weak pins may wear on one side and not last long. Make sure your truck tire center in Oklahoma City replaces all the pad parts like springs and bushings. This helps the brake linings wear evenly, and they last longer too.

When you must replace brake shoes, have the brake drums inspected. They may need machining to give them a new finish. However, some drums may wear to the point they should be replaced, and it is important to replace faulty brake drums.

Brake Adjustment

Your truck brakes may adjust themselves, or you might need to adjust them manually. Whenever you visit your truck tire center in Oklahoma City, make sure they inspect the brake slack adjusters. The adjusters keep air brakes working properly. Auto-adjusting brakes may not require much lubrication, but manual brakes do. However, lubrication is important for both auto and manual slack adjusters.

Brake Air Pressure

Your air brakes need enough pressure to work properly. Before you drive your truck, make sure to check the air pressure. It should be at least sixty psi or higher, or the truck is unsafe to drive. If you notice pressure problems, have the brakes serviced right away.

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