Boost Your Home’s Air Conditioning Effectiveness with Simple DIY Solutions

Warm weather has arrived, bringing Air Conditioning to the forefront of people’s minds. Though newer units offer unprecedented effectiveness and efficiency, even the best models on the market can struggle to keep up with record-breaking highs and relentless heat buildup. If your air conditioner isn’t quite living up to your expectations despite ongoing upkeep and routine maintenance, you can take a few measures to help it along.

Window Glazing

In spite of all the advancements in world of windows, some homes are still equipped with inefficient single-pane options. Homeowners have a range of DIY window efficiency boosters at their disposal. Both paint-on and adhesive glazing applications are readily available at hardware and home improvement stores, both of which help reflect heat from outside. Though some are white or black, most are clear and virtually invisible once they’re applied. Considering their low prices, these are cost-effective alternatives to suffering through the heat.

Weather Stripping

Some are surprised to find out just how much cool air escapes and hot air creeps in around their doors. Adhesive weather stripping can create a tighter seal around those doors to prevent unwanted heat transfer and make a home much more comfortable. If you can feel your Air Conditioning on the front porch even though the door is closed, this may be a helpful solution.

Upgraded Insulation

Insulation isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it component. Over time, it settles and succumbs to the elements just like a home’s roofing and siding. This means it needs to be replaced on occasion. Time frames vary, but experts recommend yearly inspections to stay on top of the situation. If your insulation does need to be replaced, consider upgrading to spray-in solutions or traditional options with higher efficiency ratings.

Alternative Cooking Methods

Stoves and ovens are notorious for raising a home’s internal temperatures no matter what the thermostat may be set to. Consider making greater use of the microwave on those hot summer days rather than firing up the oven or relying on the stove’s burners alone. Taking advantage of the outdoor grill or having regularly scheduled sandwich nights can also go a long way toward keeping your home cooler.

When a home feels warmer than it should, the air conditioner isn’t always solely to blame. Sometimes, those units just can’t work hard enough to combat the heat. Contact Climate Care for more information or to schedule an inspection for your home’s heating and cooling systems. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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