Biotechnology Products You Probably Use Every Day

by | Mar 7, 2013 | Healthcare

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Although you may not use the word “biotechnology” every day, you probably use biotechnology products all the time. This type of technology is used in ordinary items around the house for cleaning, consuming and general use. Here are some of these products and how biotechnology is used to create them.

One of the most common biotechnology products used in your home is detergent. From washing your clothes to washing your dishes, detergents have benefited from this type of technology for many years. The enzymes used in detergents are designed to help break down stain-causing proteins, dirt and grass. These same enzymes help clean dishes in the dishwasher or in the sink – wherever you decide to clean your dishes.

Foods and Beverages
Biotechnology is utilized in hundreds of ways to produce foods and beverages; however, many people are unaware of it. When yeasts and bacteria are used to create cheeses and vinegar, biotechnological practices are being used. Biotechnology has made it possible to isolate specific enzymes used in the making different foods and beverages. But the creation of specific foods and beverages isn’t the only thing that this technology has enhanced. It has also helped improved the length of time it takes to produce these foods and drinks; additionally it has made precut foods more stable for aging and other purposes.

If you take a look around your home, you will notice a wide variety of plastic products. From toys that your children play with to containers for cleaning products, the manufacturing of plastic products uses biotechnology. There are many different types of plastic. Some are chemical resistant; this makes them ideal for holding cleaning supplies and other potentially harmful products. There are also the type used to hold milk, butter and other products. These plastics aren’t necessarily chemical resistant, but they are ideal for many types of household uses.

You may not be using bioethanol yet, but it’s becoming more popular and widespread as the cost of fuel continues to increase. Bioethanol is often produced by starchy plant materials, mainly corn. It is being used as a fuel alternative in vehicles and for other purposes because it’s better for the environment and it uses renewable resources, whereas fossil fuels do not. Advancements in this field will continue to make bioethanol one of the more popular alternatives to fuel in the future.

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