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Benefits of Using Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine combines the benefits of traditional medicine with a holistic approach. Holistic medicine treats the whole person—mind, body, and spirit—while minimizing medical intervention, treatment with prescription drugs and potentially unnecessary procedures. Integrative medicine gives patients the option to explore new treatment methods when conventional medicine fails to treat their condition successfully.

As patients learn about the benefits of nutrition, exercise, meditation, lifestyle changes and other natural treatment forms, they are better able to restore their own body’s natural healing abilities. With integrative medicine, natural healing is used with traditional medicine when necessary to restore the patient’s health.

Many mainstream doctors have come to recognize the benefits of natural healing and integrated treatment plans for their patients. They recognize that a patient is more than just a medical specimen; he is a sum of mind, body and spirit. By treating the whole person, you are giving the patient the emotional, mental and spiritual strength needed to battle illness and disease.

Doctors are still learning about the connection between health and emotions. However, research supports the connection between the brain and the immune system, and even skeptics are beginning to see that the mind-body connection is very real. Integrative medicine continues to close the gap between traditional and alternative medicine. The goal of integrative medicine in Miami FL is to seek the best treatment plan available to restore the patient to health.

Medical schools have also begun offering courses to their students in non-traditional therapies. Many medical universities offer a course in integrative medicine, which teaches students about natural healing methods such as botanicals, mind/body healing, naturopathy, energy medicine, nutrition and other natural healing therapies. The patient often benefits from adding a whole new dimension to the conventional medical treatment plan.

Integrative medicine is becoming more prevalent and accepted in American society. Recent studies have shown that one in three Americans have used some form of alternative medical treatments. According to the American Hospital Association, medical facilities offering some form of integrative medicine have more than doubled in the last decade. These statistics are proof that it has wide appeal among patients who want treatment for the whole person, not just the illness.

Dr. Elizabeth Trattner provides integrative medical treatment that can improve your health. She is committed to addressing your health concerns in natural and holistic ways. For more information visit her website.

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