Benefits of Replacing a Lost Tooth with a Tooth Implant in Florence Oct07


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Benefits of Replacing a Lost Tooth with a Tooth Implant in Florence

If you have lost a tooth due to an accident, decay or another type of issue, it can often be difficult to correct the problem. Many times one missing tooth will make the use of a bridge or flipper necessary. While these types of devices can be beneficial, often they do not look or feel natural. This can make their use a bit more uncomfortable for many people. In such situations, it may be better to consider a tooth implant in Florence.

A tooth implant can be a more stable and secure way of replacing a tooth. Using a flipper tooth can be a quick and inexpensive way to replace a tooth, but it often is limited on how well it works. Most people cannot eat with the flipper in place and they can easily slip out of their spot during certain situations.

Bridges do offer a bit more stability, but they also have drawbacks. A bridge is generally attached to the two healthy teeth on either side of the missing tooth. Over time, the motion of the bridge can start to cause the healthy teeth to become loose. They may eventually fall out as well.

By having a tooth implant in Florence, these types of situations can be avoided. An implant is put in place by a dentist who will first surgically place a metal rod into the area of the lost tooth. This rod will act in the same way as the tooth’s dental root did. The rod is left in place until it bonds with the jawbone. This creates a stable foundation.

After the rod is in place, a dental crown can be permanently attached to the rod. The crown will be made to look similar in colour to the other teeth in the mouth. Once it is in place, the person will have a stable and natural looking replacement tooth. This can be a great way to solve the problem.

If you are dealing with a lost tooth, it is a good idea to see a dentist to discuss the types of replacement options available in your situation. For more information, please contact Jared M Smith DMD.

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