Benefits of Fir Plywood in South Salem, CT

Like pine, Douglas fir is a softwood that is often used in construction. Fir Plywood in South Salem CT is used in everything from laying sub-floors to constructing walls. Although some contractors consider pine and fir plywood to be interchangeable, fir offers several distinct benefits over pine.

Close Grain

The grain of a piece of wood says a lot about its stability. Unlike pine, which has broad, wandering grain lines, fir lumber tends to have straight, close grain lines that denote comparative strength. As a result, it makes for stronger plywood boards than pine.

Less Prone to Warping

Wood with grain lines that are closer together is less prone to warping, while soft grain wood like pine is prone to shrinking and expanding. The fact that Fir Plywood in South Salem CT tends to retain its shape better than other softwoods makes it perfect for applications like roof sheathing in which it is likely to be exposed to heat and humidity.

Aesthetic Quality

Few contractors are thinking about aesthetic quality when they choose a type of plywood, but those that are looking for consistency of texture and color tend to go with fir. Pine often has more knots than fir and tends to range more in color, while fir plywood usually remains a dull yellow color throughout. In those rare applications where the plywood will be stained instead of painted or covered up with other materials, fir can be a better choice aesthetically.

Ease of Access

It’s often easier to find fir plywood than it is to find pine plywood. Some suppliers sell both, but the reality is that more fir is used for this purpose both in the Northeast and across the country. This helps to explain why most New England houses feature fir plywood.

Find a Reliable Supplier Today

Contractors or home handymen who are looking for a reliable source of fir plywood and other lumber products need to look no further. They can head online to find out about available products and services, or they can simply Contact us today to learn about pricing and speak with a friendly and knowledgeable staff member regarding future purchases.

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