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Before EcoTech Visions: Insight Into Pandwe Gibson In New Orleans

Some people have one major accomplishment in their life, while others seem to have many. In the case of Pandwe Gibson, it is important to look back in her life before she entered the commercial business sector.

Early Years as an Educator

When some people move in life, they seem to leave their concern and caring for their home behind them. Others, like Pandwe Gibson, take it with them and find ways to help out with the community where they grew up.

While completing her Ph.D., which is a demanding course of study on its own, Dr. Gibson was hurt to see the tragedy that occurred in the New Orleans area with both Hurricane Katrina as well as the devastation of the oil spills in the area, all impacting local businesses, communities, and school systems.

She was determined to make a difference, and, while working in California as an assistant principal and completing her degree, she co-founded ReNEW, a Charter Management Organization (CMO).

Helping Students and the Community

After determination and only starting with six schools, the number of schools almost tripled in the first three years.Knowing that the children of New Orleans missed a number of days of school, The CMO set specific achievement goals for students, focusing in on academic achievement. The results were terrific, with student achievement scores in both English and mathematics increasing over thirty percent.

Today, while Dr. Pandwe Gibson has turned to the private sector, she still brings her passion and her love of learning to all she does. At Ecotech Visions, her focus is on helping businesses and entrepreneurs in the green industry and technology sector, a goal she is well-suited to achieve.

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