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Bees, Bumblebees and Wasps – Rochester Residents Might Have to Deal with All of Them

Throughout the year, pests like wasps, bees, and bumblebees can cause problems for the residents of Rochester. However, when it comes to differentiating between bees and wasps, Rochester residents are rarely able to tell the difference accurately. After all, bees and wasps look very similar, and you must have the eye of a biologist to correctly identify the insect flying around at great speed. Although they look alike, bees, wasps and bumblebees are very different. Specialists identify them by behavioural patterns and biological characteristics, rather than physical appearance.

For example, in order to identify wasps, Rochester citizens can use the time of the year as guide. Wasps become active (and, sometimes, aggressive) in summer and autumn. This is the period when they build nests and reproduce. This is also the period when they can become bothersome for humans. Wasps might build their nests close to or even inside your home, if they find a good, protected spot. If threatened by humans, they can become aggressive and sting. In late autumn, the wasp nest dies and is abandoned. Workers and males die, leaving only the young queens to survive the winter. The queens hibernate, wake up in the spring, start building their nest and lay eggs. A new life cycle begins.

Knowing the life cycle of the wasp makes it much easier to identify. Wasps are rarely seen after late autumn and before June. Most of the time, an early wasp may not be a wasp, but a bee. When it comes to wasps, Rochester residents usually have to deal with them during summer.

Bees have a completely different life cycle. Unlike wasps, the whole colony of bees survives winter. Bees form new colonies in spring and summer. During this period, new queens are born. These queens separate from the mother colony, taking with them a few thousand worker bees. They sometimes form nests in chimneys. Their presence is bothersome to homeowners, although not to the same degree as wasps. Generally, a pest control company can have the honeycomb removed without killing the colony.

Bumblebees have a similar life cycle to wasps. However, unlike bees or wasps, their nests are home to only a few hundred bumblebees. Like wasps, bumblebees can sting several times. However, they rarely do this. This is why bumblebees do not cause much trouble, and are rarely the object of pest control companies.

The most dangerous and unpleasant of three are wasps – Rochester residents find them very annoying and aggressive. There have been many cases of humans being stung by angry wasps and experiencing allergic reactions or even anaphylactic shock. Getting rid of wasps with the help of a pest control company is important for the health of people living in the building where these pests have built their nest.

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