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Beef Jerky Fun Facts

Beef jerky has been around for a long time, but the average person, even if they regularly eat it, might not know a lot about it. This article aims to fix that. So, if you are a lover of beef jerky in Moultrie GA, and you also love random facts about the things you enjoy, here are some highlights of the many facts surrounding this most modest of meaty snacks.

#1. History
Beef jerky is not a new recipe, not by a long shot. In fact, the recipe of drying out meat in order to make it last longer has existed since the 1550’s. It’s estimated that it was invented around this time by the Quechua, who learned to dry out their meat so that it would take longer to rot. This way, they could store up more meat from hunting at one time. This was necessary for the Quechua, as the animals they hunted traveled in flocks and only came around once or twice a year. This meant they would need to hunt as many as possible and store up the meat.

#2. Industry growth
As you may imagine, a snack that has been around for so long would flourish into quite the lucrative industry once capitalism got ahold of it. Beef jerky as an industry is way bigger than most folks are aware of, raking in over 2.5 billion dollars in the U.S. alone. And with the number of jerky companies still growing, that number is likely to grow as well. The practicality of beef jerky has not diminished at all since its inception, which companies like Slim Jim are taking full advantage of.

#3. Different types of jerky
The classification of jerky is essentially meat that’s been dried out, so while beef is the preferred type nowadays, there really is no limit on what meat you can use. From pork, to turkey, to chicken and more–almost any meat can be made into jerky. The meat is sliced into little strips, the fat removed, then salt is applied until it is dried out. Some manufacturers have found alternatives to this traditional method to achieve the same results, such as grinding the meat then spreading it evenly out as flat shapes. But there is one delicious jerky that stands above the rest…

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