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Beat the Heat and Have Your Air Conditioner Repaired in Dayton

There are many complicated parts and processes that make an ac unit function properly. Hundreds of delicate components work harmoniously to bring you the cool air you enjoy inside your home or business. Inside the unit there are dangers such as electrical wiring, moving parts and hazardous chemicals that can result in serious injury or even death. Refrigerant is a hazardous material seen in most ac units and it can only be purchased, handled and installed by a licensed HVAC professional. Never try to dispose of this chemical yourself. Certified technicians are taught how to dispose of this toxic waste in order to protect the environment. If you attempt to repair the unit yourself or knowingly hire someone who has not gone through the certification process and received their license, you put that person’s safety and health at risk.


They don’t make it easy for a person to get their HVAC license. This ensures that anyone with a license is an expert in the field. The testing, exams and study material cover every aspect of HVAC. One must be proficient in all knowledge related to the field in order to pass the final exam and receive their HVAC license. All certified technicians should carry their license with them on every job, so it should be easy to verify their certification. Do not accept excuses such as they forgot it, they lost it or simply do not have it. This may mean that they either are not licensed to work on your ac unit, or they are not up to date with current knowledge in the field because they have not had it renewed. Only allow certified technicians to perform ac repairs Dayton OH.

Getting the Best Deal

Always ask any potential company you may hire about their current specials. Some companies have military coupons as well as senior citizen discounts. Ask if the company offers some kind of payment plan that you may qualify for and if they work with any brands that offer their own specific discounts. Always make sure that the company you hire provides free estimates that are comprehensive and thorough. There are plenty of companies in the Dayton area that provide this service so don’t settle for less. When it comes to ac repairs Dayton OH the job shouldn’t mean your left flat broke. Shop around and compare discounts, special offers, financing rates, labor charges and part markup percentages. If you perform the due diligence necessary and research all of your options, you will be able to find the best deal possible.

If you are searching for a reliable company to perform your ac repairs in Dayton OH contact Kelly Heating and Air Conditioning. They offer 24 hour service and provide various money saving options such as military and senior citizen discounts, financing options and percent off coupons. Call them today at Phone No or visit their website Website URL.

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