Basic Questions to Ask an Attorney in Visalia Before Hiring Jul15


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Basic Questions to Ask an Attorney in Visalia Before Hiring

When searching for the right Attorney Visalia for your case, it’s important to look for a lawyer who is going to have your best interest in mind. There are certain things that lawyers can and can’t do, and these are in place to protect you. For example, a lawyer cannot represent both sides of a case. This would be a conflict of interest, because the lawyer would know about both of the parties and therefor the case could be based upon his choice, not the facts. When you’re looking for a lawyer, there’s many questions that you should ask to see if the lawyer should be the one to represent you.

All lawyers have passed the bar exam for their state, but one question you may want to ask is how long ago they passed the bar exam. While a lawyer just out of school may be more affordable, a lawyer who passed it many years ago may be in a better position to help you more.

How many cases are you currently handling? Can you focus on my case? No one wants to work with an attorney who doesn’t have time for them. If they don’t sound sure about being able to give you their full attention, it may be time to look for someone else.

If you are unavailable, is there someone else in your office who will know about my case so I can talk to them? Many times, an attorney isn’t the only one working on your case. They will also have paralegals who are helping them, and the paralegal may be able to make notes about your case or talk to you about it. Remember, paralegals have not passed the bar and therefor can’t give legal advice; however, they can take down information for the lawyer, pass you information from the lawyer, help with filling out forms, and other projects around the law office.

If the lawyer you are talking with has the ability to focus on your case and there are way to contact him or a paralegal to discuss you case at any time, they may be the right attorney for you. Always speak to your Attorney Visalia in depth during your consultation, and make sure you both have the same goals in place.

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