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Basic Fluorescent Light Socket Types

Fluorescent lights once were relegated to workplaces. Today, this is the case no longer. They are no longer limited in size, shape or clarity. In fact, they come in a wide range of sizes and colors. They also have diverse bases. While this is useful, it also means it is essential to pay attention, or you could find yourself with the bulbs you like unable to fit into the existing fluorescent light socket types.

Understanding Fluorescent Sockets

When selecting the right socket for a fluorescent fixture, it is necessary to know what type of ballast the lamp has. Fluorescent light sockets essentially come in two types:

  1. Screw in: The most common type in this class are compact fluorescent lamps (CFL)
  2. Pin: Some CFLs fall into this category. Pin types include the following sub-categories:

a. bi-pins
b. single pins
c. high output
d. very high output
e. miniature bi-pins

However, this is not the only criteria defining what type of socket the fluorescent lamp may require. Two major distinctions are

  1. Shunted: The electric current flows into the fixture utilizing several paths
  2. Non-shunted: The current only flows into the lam through a single path

If the wrong lamp is inserted into the wrong socket, the lamp may not function, or do so improperly. The flow of the current from the socket may also cause catastrophic failure to the ballast.

Each of the fluorescent light socket types is best employed to provide energy to a specific type of lighting fixture. Non-shunted sockets best serve lamps categorized as rapid or programmed start or have dimming ballasts. Meanwhile, a light featuring an instant start needs a shunted socket.

Fluorescent Light Socket Types

Fluorescent lights are now commonplace around the globe. They operate in workspaces, grocery stores, warehouse, and offices as well as residences. When replacing any CFL or other types, always keep in mind the necessity of matching lamps and fluorescent light socket types.

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