Bartending Gigs Take Their Place Among More Common Gig Economy Jobs

by | Feb 9, 2024 | Hospitality Jobs

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There are some problems in life that really aren’t that bad. Having more business than your current staff can handle is one of them. Yes, it can be a headache, but it’s a lot better than not having enough business for your current staff.

Yet not all of that business comes in the form of a permanent uptick. Some of it can be seasonal or just event-based. You need the staffing to cover increased demand for a limited time but do not want to commit to a permanent expansion. How do you thread the needle on this issue?

This is where the gig economy comes into play. You can ramp up your staffing needs for the short period of time necessary and then drop back down to your ordinary personnel levels once the surge is over with.

Bartenders, for example, must be adept at their trade. A large majority of them have steady jobs. Finding a competent one to fill in on a few short bartending gigs has never been an easy task until now. Thanks to online registries, many skilled people are on call to help a company deal with quick spikes in demand.

Even a company that is fully staffed and ready to go is not immune to last-minute emergencies. Sickness, accidents, and even employment disputes can open up gaps that need to be filled instantaneously.

The flexible labor specialists at BenchConnect,, are the ones who can provide help with all of your short-term staffing needs.

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