Barbecue Patio Stains Prove Hard to Clean for Residents

by | Aug 14, 2023 | Cleaning Services

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Cooking out is fun, especially when everything gets done at home on a newly finished deck or patio. Fat, grease and even bits of charcoal can drip off of a grill and ruin the entire experience, however. According to a few local news reports, individuals who suffer BBQ stains on patios in Chicago find that they’re very hard to clean up. A majority of the various home remedies that are usually recommended for this kind of treatment are problematic because they involve harmful chemicals. Depending on the specific type of stain, they might not even work very well.

Environmentally friendly ways to remove BBQ stains on patios in Chicago aren’t very common, but a group of professionals is phasing in a special way to deal with the problem. Washing them away by using only mild solvents might take a slight bit more time than most people are used to, but it’s actually more cost-effective than using industrially developed chemicals, and it has a greater chance of working on difficult stains.

Once these stains have been cleaned off the surface, it’s left to dry. Homeowners can then put some sort of pad underneath their grill so that they don’t have to worry about this sort of thing happening again in the future. The underlying deck could even be restored to its original condition depending on several factors.

Anyone who has BBQ stains on a patio in Chicago can stop by Cabeno Environmental Field Services, LLC online at for more information on how they can be professionally cleaned off.

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