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Avoiding the Winter Blues in Senior Living in St. Petersburg, FL

Many people think that senior living in St. Petersburg, FL is ideal because of the lovely weather that is often seen year-round. Most of us have a hard time wrapping our heads around the fact that the winter blues can hit even in the warmer states. For most seniors who suffer from what is known as seasonal depression, it’s the shorter days and the cooler temps that trigger things.

Here are some tips from Florida Senior Consulting on avoiding winter blues in a senior living situation.

Bring the Outside Inside

There are a few methods to replicate the experience of being outside in your home, even if the weather may not be as pleasant in the winter as it is in the summer. According to studies, using a solar lamp can aid those with SAD and those in senior living in St. Petersburg, FL who have sleeplessness and disrupted sleep patterns.

Maintaining clean air while spending most of your time indoors is crucial since wintertime air pollution can get worse. In addition to enhancing indoor air quality, research shows that indoor plants may enhance physical and mental health and lessen stress.

Stay Active

Although it may be alluring to stay indoors more often in the winter, leading an active and sociable lifestyle can assist with depression, enhance memory, and perhaps reduce the chance of dementia. A bundled-up walk in the early frost might help you get your blood flowing while clearing your thoughts.

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