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How to Avoid Food Allergies in Babies

Allergies in children are terrifying. The most common allergies are tree nuts, cow’s milk, eggs, fish or shellfish, and soy products. The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology has issued new guidelines to help new parents reduce the risk of developing food allergies. It turns out that delaying the introduction of allergenic foods, may, in fact, increase the chance of developing an allergy. And, contravening previous wisdom, mothers who significantly restricted their diet during pregnancy or while breastfeeding did not significantly reduce their child’s chances of developing an allergy.

Feeding Solids Safely
Safely introducing solids into a child’s diet does not mean waiting until a year, or three years, or even five years before introducing specific foods. Instead, the Academy recommends gradually introducing these allergenic foods when the baby is sufficiently developed enough to handle solids. This means that the baby should be able to sit up in a high chair with good control of their head and neck.

Another sign that a child is ready to try solids is the absence of the tongue thrust reflex. When placing a little puréed food on your baby’s tongue, you may notice that the tongue thrusts forward and pushes the food back out of the mouth. This is a natural reflex that prevents a young baby from choking, not a comment on the taste or texture of the food. It is also a sign that introducing solids should wait a little longer.

Fresh Baby Food is Better!
Atlantic City parents have a lot to worry about, but the quality of baby’s food should not be one of them. Fresh baby food is best because it lacks any added sugar, salt, or preservatives. However, fresh baby food made in the home is labor-intensive and can be expensive. Having fresh baby food delivered means that baby will have great tasting and nutritious food without the hassle and expense of making it at home.

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