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Auto Tire Rotation in Johnston, IA

Rotating your vehicle’s tires could not only add life to your wheels but could help with driving safety. This article will help explain why regular tire rotation is important.

Tire Rotation Basics

Simply put, tire rotation means to change the location of each tire on your vehicle on a systematic basis. It is recommended to rotate or move your tires every 5,000 miles.

An easy way to remember this would be to ask for a tire rotation whenever you take your car or truck in for an oil change. Tire rotation in Johnston, IA, is easy to arrange. An experienced mechanic at Ultimate Automotive Center could help you set up a regular tire rotation schedule.

Safety and Tire Rotation

Whenever a car’s tires are regularly rotated in a specific method, it helps to ensure even wear across all the treads. Even wear could extend the life of the tires and create better overall handling.

Tires that have well-distributed usage could create better traction, braking ability and corner maneuvering. All of these factors play an important part in safe driving. During bad weather conditions, good traction helps keep a vehicle safely moving on slick surfaces. Better traction could also enhance braking so you feel more secure in knowing that your car will stop when it needs to stop. Taking corners with better traction and braking could also make handling a vehicle easier in tight or sudden turns.

Choosing a Tire Service

Trusting someone with your vehicle care probably means you rely on the experience, skill and knowledge of your mechanic. With over 30-years’ experience in automotive repair, the tire and mechanical services at Ultimate Automotive Center are available 7-days a week.

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