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Assessing Your Need For A Long Beach Car Accident Attorney

There are all different types of car accidents that occur in Long Beach on a daily basis. Most accidents can be placed in the category of “fender-benders,” which include accidents with no physical injuries and only minor damage to the vehicles.

These types of minor accidents where there are no injuries are typically resolved relatively quickly through the insurance companies. Thanks to apps and online claims, some of these accident claims are resolved in a short period of time. However, if the insurance company is delaying settlement or disputing the account of the accident, an attorney should be involved.

Other accidents in Long Beach can be much more significant and serious. Accidents, where there are injuries, death, or substantial damage to the vehicles or property, are going to require additional police involvement and, in most cases, the legal representation of a car accident attorney.

Working for Your Best Settlement

In any type of accident where the insurance company is placing you at fault, or when they are failing to offer a fair settlement, involving a car accident attorney should be a priority. This should be done before entering into negotiations or discussions with the insurance companies. Anything that is said in those meetings can be used against you in any claim process.

Additionally, if multiple vehicles are involved in the accident, having a car accident attorney representing your interests is essential. These are often complicated cases and, without an attorney, you are at a disadvantage compared to others who have lawyers on their side.

In the Long Beach area, Rawa Law Group, APC is able to provide an experienced car accident attorney to represent you throughout the process.

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