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Aspects of Complete Fire Damage Restoration

The key to successful Fire Damage Restoration is quick service. Discoloration and rust will happen fast due to acidic residue, so waiting is not a wise idea. A company that provides emergency services twenty-four hours a day is best when dealing with fire damage. An experienced company will offer free inspections to assess damage, and determine the safety of the structure. Structures can appear safe, but actually be weakened by damage to beams or floor boards. That is why it is recommended that occupants do not enter a building until professionals deem it safe.

Cleaning and sanitizing surfaces to remove residue is just one aspect of Fire Damage Restoration. It may also include fixing or replacing walls, replacing cabinets or flooring, and replacing windows, sills, or casings. The company can provide a recommended course of action, with detailed steps, to bring the home or building back to original condition. A company certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration) will have the capabilities and high standards to handle all aspects of the complete restoration project.

A company that will work directly with the insurance carrier can make the project less stressful for families or business owners. Submitting claims and paperwork, providing detailed descriptions of damage, and including competitive estimates will expedite approvals, and help things get back to normal quickly. The family or owner may have to focus on any injuries sustained, alternative accommodations while restoration work is happening, or notifying employees of the situation.

Another aspect of fire damage may be indirect damage to other homes or businesses due to soot or smoke. That effect is less noticeable, and is often overlooked. If a home is in the vicinity of a fire that has taken place, an inspection is a smart idea. Smoke or soot debris may have entered the home, and has yet to be visible. The acid residue can cause rust and discoloration over time, which makes cleaning and restoration more difficult. Forest fires, wildfires, and large house fires can sometimes cause damage miles away from the event. A simple sponge test during an inspection can determine if residue is present.

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