Ask a Realtor about New Homes in Richmond, TX

by | Apr 5, 2012 | Real Estate

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For those in the market for new homes in Richmond, TX, you may want to consider the possibility of asking your local real estate agent for help. Grant Sziseck did just that and got a great bargain on a brand new home in Richmond, TX located within a master planned community, which offers him all the amenities he had hoped for in the area at a great and affordable price.

I wasn’t sure quite how to go about it,” Sziseck says. “I thought the onus was mostly all on me to find a great new home, but the fact is that realtors are not only in the business of resales. My agent had the knowledge and experience to direct me to several new homes in Richmond, TX that both fit my criteria and didn’t cost more than I could afford.”

Sziseck and his wife Bernice moved down from Minnesota in search of a more comfortable climate. “Once you get used to the hot, humid summers, this place is really paradise,” he says. “But that’s really what initiated our move anyway. We wanted something different than the typical Minnesota winter, especially the really cold ones.”

At first, Sziseck went through various real estate listings looking for resales or even foreclosed homes, not thinking that a big city like Houston would have anything he might be able to easily afford. “Boy was I wrong,” he said. “After talking to my real estate agent about the kind of place my wife and I were looking for, she mentioned the possibility of buying a brand new home in Richmond, TX within a developing master planned community.”

The Szisecks visited a few locations in the areas surrounding Houston with their realtor, visiting a few of the new homes in Richmond, TX that more or less fit their budget. They found one that they liked, and never looked back. “When we first found our brand new property, I thought I must be dreaming,” says Bernice. “I was going to ask Grant to pinch me, but I have sensitive skin, and if this was a dream, who’d wanna wake up, anyway?” The couple moved into a lovely three-bedroom house in a fully developed, planned community.

Real estate agents are often knowledgeable and experienced in guiding clients to new homes in Richmond, TX, as well as resales, so these are options that should be investigated when seeking a property. It’s an opportunity that the Szisecks were not completely aware existed, but are now extremely glad that they discovered. “Use your realtor as a resource,” Grant says. “That’s what they’re there for!”

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