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Are There Different Types of Truss Structure Designs?

Unless you have studied architecture, spent an inordinate amount of time in museums, or work in the world of stage design and rigging, you are unlikely to be intimately familiar with the different variety of truss designs. To answer the question of whether there are several different types of truss designs, the answer is simply a resounding yes, there are. Due to the multitude of styles which are actually available for purchase, the scope of this inquiry will be limited to two styles: arched and non-arched.

How Can Arched Trusses Be Styled, and Where are They Likely to Be Seen?

In terms of truss structures design, the arched style of truss is very common and can be fashioned into a variety of different styles. This includes 12 and 20.5 inch shaped grids, PA towers which also reach a height of 20.5 inches, lighting towers that can be fashioned from both of those sizes, rain roof structures, and many other uses.

Because of the size of these trusses and the purposes for which they are designed, you are most likely to see them at outdoor venues such as concert arenas, theaters, and other places where people are likely to congregate in public.

What Are Non-Arched Truss Structures Used For?

In terms of truss structure design, non-arched trusses, of which there is a wide variety, are more likely to be seen in or on people’s homes, especially where their roofs are concerned. They are normally relatively easy to spot, as they do not have the same freedom of motion that an arched truss has at its’ base.

This is because non-arched trusses are not always placed outside, and they do not need to have the same ability to withstand sudden temperature drops that trussed arches do.

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