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Are There Any Alternatives To Dentures?

For those people that have lost their natural teeth, dentures, often called false teeth are a practical and reasonably priced alternative. There are a number of perfectly valid reasons why many people are seeking an alternative to dentures in Fall River, some of the popular alternatives being partial plates, bridges, crowns and veneers. There are people who have dental implants but they are very expensive. The best person of course to consult with regards denture alternatives is the dentist.

Many people may still have some perfectly healthy teeth; these people can often be fitted with a partial plate. This appliance is removable; the same as a denture, but it utilizes the healthy teeth. The partial plate hooks on to natural teeth, providing a reasonably rigid biting surface. The partial can be removed for cleaning and then snapped right back into position.

Two other popular alternatives to Dentures Fall River area are crowns and bridges. A crown, often called a cap, is a device, usually made from metal, which fits over a tooth which has been repaired but is not strong enough or healthy enough to stay unprotected. In many cases, a crown is used to save a tooth which can be used to anchor a partial plate. A bridge is somewhat similar to a partial plate but it becomes a permanent fixture in the mouth as it is cemented in place. A bridge feels more natural than a partial.

When teeth are chipped, badly stained or have been subjected to some other damage, they can often be repaired with a veneer. A veneer is a very thin strip of porcelain which is used to cover the damaged tooth, it is attached to the front of the tooth with dental cement; the veneer helps significantly in improving the looks and function of the affected tooth or teeth. To have veneers fitted; a minimum of two trips to the dentist is required. The veneers are shaped during the first visit and permanently attached on the second.

Although they remain an expensive solution, dental implants are becoming quite popular. To install implants, surgery is required. A titanium peg is implanted in the jaw bone, after the implant has bonded with the bone; an artificial tooth is fitted on the implant giving the wearer a permanent solution to missing teeth.

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