Are Refillable Cleaning Products as Effective as Conventional Cleaners?

by | Jul 3, 2019 | Kitchen cleaning

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With reusable shopping bags, multi-colored recycling bins set out every week, and the practice of upcycling at home, lots of people today are doing as much as possible to reduce waste and protect the environment. However, when you think about all of the various cleaning product bottles that you are throwing away, you cannot help but wish you could do more.

Clean without Compromise

Refillable cleaning products reduce plastic consumption with household solutions, but you may be wondering if they can really match the products that are currently on the market. Actually, when placed up against the supermarket brands, these eco-friendly cleaners can really hold their own.

Unlike the cleaner brands that you purchase at the supermarket each time in a new bottle, you can simply reuse the bottles you already have. Simply add water to the cost-effective refill pod, and you have an entire bottle of strong cleaner for a fraction of what you spend on supermarket brands.

Waste Away

Take a moment to consider all of the bottles that are sitting underneath your kitchen sink. Then, think about how many you throw away. With refillable cleaning products, you can effectively reduce the amount of plastic that you use. This means there is less plastic in the oceans to cause pollution and choke marine life.

More than 300 million tons of plastic is created every year, and much of it quickly ends up in the trash. Every year, as much as 12 million tons of plastic makes its way to the ocean, compromising the habitat of the sea creatures that live there.

Refillable cleaning products offer a solution without compromising quality or effectiveness. Such products are environmentally-friendly and at the same time economical for the consumer. You get the same powerful cleaning solutions that you would normally buy from the supermarket but without all the waste.

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