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Appreciating the Process of Getting Professional Crowns & Bridges

Appreciating the Process of Getting Professional Crowns & Bridges your adult teeth have a finite life. As you get older, your adult teeth become more fragile and vulnerable to damages. They could crack, chip, develop holes or fall out.

Rather than live with a mouthful of damaged teeth, you can replace them with professionally made crowns & bridges. You can prepare to undergo this dental procedure by learning how most Phoenix dentists proceed with it.

Making Molds

Before you can get crowns or bridges, you need to have a mold made of your mouth. This mold will indicate the size and depth of the space left behind by the damaged or missing tooth. It lets the dentist make a replacement that will fit and function well in your mouth.

Making the Replacement

Once the mold of your mouth is made, your dentist can then make the crown or bridge. This piece will look just like a real tooth. It will feature the same color and shine as real teeth.

It also will be made from durable materials like porcelain that will last for years. You can eat, speak and smile normally without damaging the porcelain. You get a replacement that will function just as well as your real teeth.

These steps are just a few that your Phoenix dentist will use when fitting you for crowns & bridges. The entire process can take several weeks to complete. However, you get replacements in your mouth that function and look like real teeth.

Those looking for professional crowns and bridges options need to call Smile Dental Studio to find out what procedure is right for them!

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