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Animal Surgery 101: Getting to Know Spay and Neuter Services

Think surgeries are just exclusive to humans? That’s definitely ancient; and since pets also deserve the best health care they can get, consider some of these brief operations for your pets that could offer long-term benefits. Some of these include spaying for the darling ladies and neutering for your dear male pooches. These procedures are done by veterinarians to surgically remove animal reproductive organs. Neutering and spaying serves important and beneficial purposes. Their results include the irreversible inability of animals to conceive and bear offspring. Otherwise called castration of male animals, neutering involves total removal of their testicles. And for females, spaying is done by surgically removing the ovaries, tubes, and in other cases, the uterus. If you opt for convenience and accessibility even when you live in Arizona, consider the pet clinics in Chandler AZ that offer Spay and neuter services.

In general, spaying and neutering is done in order to avoid unwanted litters that sometimes result to unwanted mongrels and to aid in controlling pet overpopulation problems. Sometimes called “fixing”, neutering is at times used in general to define surgical removal of reproductive organs for male and female animals. The animal that undergoes such operation is put under anesthetics before and during the operation. Most of the time, animals that are about six to eight months old are qualified enough to be spayed or neutered. But in the case of kittens, they can well be spayed or neutered as early as eight weeks old.

Be ready for medical jargon; but it’s nice to know that there are other surgical procedures that are not as popular and as in-demand as spaying and neutering yet also belongs in the long list of sterilization methods. That includes surgical removal of the ovaries and wombs through a cut in the abdomen in female animals, otherwise called ovariohysterectomy. There are veterinarians who use the open method of surgery, the traditional kind, as opposed to the more pricey yet precision laparoscopic surgery. If the ovary alone is removed during the operation, the procedure is called oophorectomy, and it is only done in cats and dogs, aside from humans. For uterus removal, the process is thus called hysterectomy.

Castration and orchiectomy in males involve total surgical removal of the animal’s testicles. Aside from the two procedures, vasectomy is also offered by clinics that offer Spay and neuter services in Chandler AZ. The procedure involves cutting and “getting tubes tied” for the males, specifically the vas deferens although this procedure is more in demand in ferrets and sheep than in other mammal species.

One of the most important duties of a responsible pet owner is to have his or her pet spayed or neutered. For the record, every year, approximately six to eight million animals get to enter animal shelters, and more than half of these poor creatures are euthanized. That’s a sad thing for animal lovers, so countless animal welfare organizations just like Found Animals Foundation aim to provide lower fees or free spay and neuter services in order to curb the ever increasing number of animals that end up euthanized because of the scarcity of available homes. Cheaper spay and neuter programs are made to make these procedures more affordable for pet owners and even widely available to the general public. Organizations that put together these programs are in high hopes to minimize the number of sadly euthanized healthy pets because they can’t have a good home.

If you find the above article helpful and want to know more about Spay and Neuter Chandler AZ , You can approach Family Vet Care online.

Spay and Neuter Chandler AZ

Spay and Neuter Chandler AZ

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