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Alternative Options To Home Heating Oil In Norwich CT

Of the four most popular ways to heat a home, oil is the most expensive with natural gas being the most economical. The older the home, the likelihood that your home is heated through a oil tank somewhere on the property. Home Heating Oil Norwich CT is more common in the northeast area of the country because this is where older homes are located.

At one time, heating a home with home heating oil was the only choice and at one time it was very affordable. Typically, the average yearly cost to a homeowner is close to $2,500 a year. That may not sound like much but when you compare it to the number one choice of economical heating, which is natural gas, you could save roughly half on your average heating expense. Another variable with heating oil is that prices can fluctuate depending on world situations.

Obviously, since the country has reduced the amount of home heating oil to only 6% nationwide, private residential tanks are either not being used or removed completely. If you are considering removing your unused tank, there are specific regulations that must be followed to avoid contamination. There are two ways to proceed with a “closure” of a tank and that is either to fill it or to remove it. Sand is a common filler.

Having an underground oil tank can pose possible problems so it is advisable to have them removed before the sale of a property. While you can have the ground tested for contamination, that may not prevent a potential buyer to get scared off because of future risk. While there are no specific regulations for keeping a tank on a property, there are specifics involved for removal.

If you are considering doing something with an unused Home Heating Oil Norwich CT tank, call the professionals. Specific regulations for testing the ground for contamination including local groundwater are performed. While the cost of the tank removal itself is the responsibility of the owner, there may be federal programs that will help in the clean up of specific oil leaks which can be quite expensive. Most federal programs help upwards of one million dollars and this is specifically to handle the leak contamination.

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