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All You Need to Know About Mako Robotic Knee Surgery

Do you have a knee injury and the doctor has recommended surgery as the most suitable treatment option? Then you’ll be interested in learning about what is mako robotic knee surgery. Mako robotic knee surgery is a surgical procedure that utilizes robotic-arm-assisted technology to assist surgeons during Total knee replacement surgery. It is an innovative and advanced surgical technique designed to improve the accuracy, precision, and outcomes of knee replacement procedures.

During the surgery, the surgeon uses a specialized robotic arm system that provides real-time feedback and imaging to assist in planning and executing each step of the procedure. This technology enables the surgeon to create a personalized surgical plan based on the patient’s specific anatomy and optimal implant alignment.

The Mako system provides a virtual 3D model of the patient’s knee, allowing the surgeon to customize the treatment plan and achieve more accurate positioning of the knee implant, leading to better functional outcomes and potentially faster recovery times. By using robotic assistance, Mako knee surgery offers several potential benefits, including:

Improved Precision
The robotic arm allows for more precise and accurate bone preparation, ensuring optimal alignment and implant positioning.

Personalized Treatment
The surgeon can customize the procedure based on the patient’s specific anatomy, providing a more individualized approach.

Enhanced Implant Longevity
With improved accuracy and alignment, there is the potential for better long-term durability of the knee implant.

Faster Recovery
By optimizing the placement of the knee implant, patients may experience faster rehabilitation and recovery, leading to improved mobility and reduced post-operative pain.

Since you now know what is mako robotic knee surgery it’s important to note that knee surgery is performed by a skilled orthopedic surgeon who collaborates with the automated system to enhance surgical precision and improve outcomes. The surgeon remains in control throughout the procedure, with the robotic arm serving as a tool to assist in achieving the desired results. If you require knee surgery after sustaining a serious injury, you can get in touch with Arthrobotix.

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