All about Klinefelter Syndrome Awareness in Young Children and Teens Oct13


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All about Klinefelter Syndrome Awareness in Young Children and Teens

Normally, a male person has 46 XY chromosomes but in Klinefelter Syndrome, commonly known as, 47 XXY, a male is born with an extra X chromosome. The condition can hinder various stages of physical and social development but infertility tends to be the main issue. One of the unfortunate things about Klinefelter syndrome is that it does not show any obvious symptoms in childhood. Many boys don’t realize it, even the later symptoms are hard to identify. However, with proper diagnosis, children suffering from this condition can be helped.

Helping Children Succeed

Children with Klinefelter syndrome can do better with a team of professionals from various fields. The Klinefelter syndrome diagnosis specialists can help oversee your child as he grows. They also offer support by connecting your kid to resources, counseling, and more. Even better, they recommend quality Androgen treatment centers for kids affected by the condition.

Diagnosis and tests

Klinefelter Syndrome Diagnosis Specialists usually diagnose this condition through prenatal screening. Later diagnosis may be made when your a specialist notices abnormal growth in a boy during childhood.

Targeted Treatment

The aim of Klinefelter syndrome treatment is to reverse the effects caused by the extra X chromosome. According to research, testosterone treatment can help treat boys with extra X chromosomes. This is the mehod used by many androgen treatment centers. This involves applying Androgel on the chest or shoulders. Early Hormonal Treatment (EHT) can also help treat boys with Klinefelter syndrome. This is especially true for boys aged between 4-12 months.

Children with Klinefelter syndrome may also need help from speech and language, physical and occupational therapists, among others. For more information about Klinefelter Syndrome, contact the Focus Foundation at

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