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Airborne Impurities in Your Household

Do your ducts need to be cleaned? Ideally, you should be having them regularly cleared out every now and then regardless of whether you have begun to experience any significant problems, but there are plenty of people in St. Petersburg who forgo the act of scheduling this sort of maintenance in advance. The truth of the matter is that this is one of the most important things that you could ever do for your home, as your indoor air quality and, by extension, personal health both depend on purifying processes like duct cleaning. St. Petersburg has many qualified professionals who would be more than happy to address this matter for you. However, what exactly is it that makes household air so unclean in the first place?

Studies indicate that the air within a person’s home is likely to be as much as five times dirtier than the air outside, unless the homeowner actively seeks eco-friendly means of air conditioning and ventilation. Below, we will examine some of the factors that may be preventing your very own home from being as healthy as it could potentially be.


One of the most common issues addressed by duct cleaning specialist is dust buildup. In fact, noticeable layers of dust on various household surfaces serve as one of the most widely known visual indications that a system of ducts needs to be maintained in the first place. Dust is far more than a mere eyesore, though. In many cases, it can negatively impact a person’s health. This is especially true when it is intermingled with other forms of harmful debris.


Fungi are unfortunately prevalent in household environments. Mold is infamous for its irritating ability to pop up virtually anywhere. Damp spaces are especially suitable for sustaining the lives of various fungi. These release spores into the air, which is circulated throughout the house. Depending on the nature of the fungus, the effects may vary considerably. However, certain types of molds are known to be highly hazardous to humans and their spores must be kept out of circulation at all costs.

Smoke and Fumes

A lot of the devices we use each day are powered by gases and various chemicals. Automobiles and other pieces of machinery give off gases that can make the air very dangerous to breathe in in heavy concentration. Furthermore, burning things around the house can cause excessive smoke buildup, further diminishing the quality of the indoor atmosphere. Duct cleaning is not the only measure that needs to be taken to deal with this problem; you may need to consult with your HVAC company for ideas about other products to use.

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