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After the Fire, Dealing with Fire Damage

A house fire is a terrifying prospect and most Albany residents take as many precautions as they can to avoid a fire. But nonetheless, fires can happen. Most fires do not burn down the entire building. In fact, thanks to an efficient and fast Albany Fire Department, many homes are saved in time. What we don’t think about is what happens after the fire. Fire damage in Albany has sometimes been enough to require a re-build or significant re-model of a home, even if the fire only effects a single room.

What is Fire Damage?
Fire damage may seem like an obvious thing, but it’s more specific than just a burned wall or ceiling. Much of the damage done by a fire is actually done by smoke. Belongings are often saturated with smoke which is almost impossible to remove. The smell stays no matter how many times you wash things, unless you have the specialized skills and tools to remove smoke and soot from clothing, furniture, curtains, and carpeting. To top it all off, usually the efforts to fight the fire do additional damage. Everything will be wet and covered in soot.

How Do People Deal With Fire Damage?
If you have seen what it looks like in a home after a fire, you probably know just what it means to have fire damage. The question then is what to do. Many people find they must throw away a lot of stuff. They have the home carefully inspected to ensure that the structural damage isn’t dangerous, which is critical to ensuring safety within the home after a fire. But then they often hire professionals to come and deal with the damage, both for structural damage and damage to your belongings. Even paperwork, like important documents, can be recovered if done carefully and by those with experience.

Dealing with Water
It turns out that dealing with fire damage also means dealing with water. Your home may have been saved from the flames, but what of the humidity and the threat of mold and mildew? You can probably have many more things restored or dried out than you’d expect. With care, you may be able to salvage electronics and documents. But if you don’t also take care of the threat of water damage, you may find yourself in trouble again in just a couple of months.

Dealing with a fire is scary. But don’t forget to handle the fire damage in Albany with care and attention so that you don’t end up with future problems.

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