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Affordable Heating Oil For All Your Farmington CT Home Needs

Heating Oil Farmington CT, otherwise known as HHO or number two heating oil, is the fuel of choice for many homes. This low viscosity, petroleum product is generally stored on site in custom tanks and then fed to the equipment which uses it. HHO as used in the home, is primarily for area heating and the production of hot water.

Equipment condition is a strong consideration when using Heating Oil Farmington CT for your heating requirements. HHO is considered to be a hazardous material by the United States government and specific regulations exist governing the use, storage and delivery of this fuel. Likewise, each state may also have additional regulations the user and supplier must follow. Because of these regulations and the flammable nature of the fuel it is never to late to have your system checked. Visual inspections for leaks should be frequently made by the homeowner and any leaks should be promptly repaired by a qualified service technician. Responsible companies such as Quinoco Inc Farmington CT will offer service plans to their customers which may provide inspection and maintenance benefits.

Many HHO fuels are blended to give a smoother more consistent burn. In order to provide a better product and maintain some control over the rising cost of home heating oil, suppliers are also blending their fuels with renewable bio-fuels which are made from plants. For example, American grown soybeans provide an excellent oil which burns well and is non-toxic. Along with these newer fuels, many companies use additives which offer enhancements over plain petroleum products. These additives can provide better burning efficiency, eliminate water or condensation, inhibit corrosion or other benefits.

For other folks, propane is considered the best option for home use. With the proper equipment it can heat the home, maintain hot water and cook their meals. Propane is a clean burning gas stored in an external tank and piped into the home much like the natural gas supplied to many homes in cities and suburbs around the country. In fact, the majority of appliances which burn natural gas are easily adapted to use propane allowing the consumer an excellent array of products.

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