Advantages of Student Apartments in Oxford for Those with Tough Course Loads

University students pursuing the more difficult majors want a living environment conducive to intense study periods, stress relief, and getting plenty of sleep. Life in the residential halls often isn’t like that because of the noise and sheer numbers of people on each wing. Sharing one of the spacious student apartments in Oxford with a friend or two may be particularly appealing.

Characteristics of Difficult Majors

Men and women decide to tackle hard majors because they love the subject or know the degree will lead to a lucrative career or both. These majors are characterized by particularly challenging coursework that requires more hours of study than is typical for most degrees. Usually, there are laboratory requirements in addition to regular classroom attendance.


Many of these majors are offered by science, engineering, mathematics, and computer science departments. Applied physics, biochemistry, computer engineering, and chemical engineering are just a few examples of especially tough degrees offered by Miami University in Oxford.

Roommates and Study Sessions

Sometimes students who see each other frequently in classes become good friends. A few of them might want to rent one of the student apartments in Oxford since they know each other already and get along well. There might be opportunities for shared study sessions at home or elsewhere in the complex. This makes group study sessions convenient since they don’t each have to leave home and meet at the library or another common area.

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