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Advantages of Plastic Product Manufacturing

It would be hard, if not impossible, to go a day without using a single plastic product. The invention and widespread use of thousands of different types of plastics has transformed the way products of all types are designed and manufactured. So, how have plastics so quickly become an essential part of nearly every industry’s manufacturing? The answer becomes clear when you look at the numerous benefits of plastics throughout the manufacturing process.

Ease of Manufacturing   

The process of plastic injection moulding simplifies and reduces the cost of producing thousands (or millions) of identical plastic pieces quickly. To produce each plastic product, a special type of plastic polymer called a thermoplastic is melted at a high temperate until it becomes liquid. Then, the liquid is pumped into a metal mould and cooled. This solidifies the liquid, the mould is removed and a finished plastic product is created.

The Lightweight Alternative

Compared to metal products, plastics offer a much more lightweight alternative without sacrificing strength or durability. In addition to the obvious upsides of manufacturing, transporting and using a lighter product, the residual benefits of this characteristic of plastics are immense. For example, fuel efficiency is increased for company fleet vehicles when carrying lighter loads and injuries throughout the transportation and storage phases can be reduced. Even at a considerably lower mass, specific polymer blends can make these plastics just as dent-resistant and strong as a metal counterpart.

Unparalleled Versatility

Above all, the most appealing selling point for plastics used in manufacturing are their unmatched versatility. When working with plastic polymers, it is much easier to change product colour, texture or malleability than when working with metal. Additionally, plastics can be engineered for a wide variety of usage environments, being specifically-designed to withstand high temperatures, intense pressure or outdoor precipitation and humidity.

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