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Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Full-Service Caterer?

Today, it is common to turn to catering services to take care of providing food and drink to an event. Whether it is a large or small affair, caterers are ready to help you provide the necessities and then some. While some are happy with boxed lunches or meals, others expect more. They may think a self-service buffet is the way to satisfy the guests. At weddings and other very special occasions, however, some prefer to hire a full-service caterer.

What Is a Full-Service Caterer?

There are two ways to define “full-service caterer.” One definition refers to a catering company that will take care of almost everything. They will provide a full range of services that is as comprehensive in nature as it is complete within its category. It is service that does more than provide food but may actually include other specifics of event planning. This may consist of table settings, décor and related items. Some catering companies actually supply personnel to help with things like coat check and bar service. Make sure you talk to the catering company to see exactly what services they provide.

Another way of defining a “full-service caterer” is not as inclusive or expansive. It is more specific. Since in catering full-service is defined as a seated meal, a full-service caterer will provide you and your guests with this type of meal. In other words, they will prepare and serve the food to your seated guests.

Advantages of a Full-Service Caterer

When you hire a full-service caterer, you are playing the host or hostess with style. You are waiting on them and taking care of their needs and wants. A full-service or seated meal indicates to your guests how much you care for them. It is advantageous in this way. It is also beneficial in other ways including the following:

  • You do not have to worry about serving your guests. You can sit at the head table or wander among the guests while the food is being served
  • The place setting and general appearance of the food being served adds to the overall specialness of the event
  • When the right full-service caterer is selected, the food not only tastes wonderful and smells appetizing but also looks elegant
  • Everyone will be served the designated meal
  • Seated service provides guests to come together at a table and establish the sense of family that this symbolizes

Yet, not everyone chooses a full-service caterer. Some prefer the self-service of a buffet.

Disadvantages of Full-Service Catering

There are several reasons why people elect not to have a full-service catering company for their event. They cite several reasons but two remain prominent. These are:

  • Limited meal options
  • Expense

It is true that full-service catering by its very nature has to limit the choices for meals, particularly the main course. Moreover, it is natural that this type of catered approach would be more expensive. It requires additional staff and increased labor. Yet, for those who seek to create a lasting impression on a special day, full-service catering remains the only way to go.

Full-Service Caterer

If you want that touch of elegance for your event, do consider Full-Service Catering by the professionals at Business Name. We tailor our specialties and services to the needs of your special event, affair or event. From preparation to delivery – or pick up, we deliver your items fresh, ready and always on time. To discover why you should call on us for all, visit at Facebook or Twitter.

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