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Adult Options for Braces in Evanston

There are options for braces in Evanston for every age. There was a time when appliances for straightening teeth were bulky, painful and mostly relegated to something for the kids. Today thanks to decades of technological advances and new knowledge about the benefits of teeth straightening not just for kids but adults as well, there are options. No matter what age you are, you can benefit from having straight teeth not only for cosmetic purposes but also for good oral health. There are a slew of reasons why adults decide to get these appliances from wanting to correct an overbite to straightening crooked teeth to reducing the incidence of cavities due to crowded teeth. Whatever reasoning you have you will be able to work with your dentist to come up with a solution that will fit your lifestyle.

Ideal Options at Any Age

Metal braces are still one of the best ways to straighten teeth but as an adult it may be a little impractical or uncomfortable in your day to day life to wear the old “train track” type braces. Luckily that is not the only option for straightening teeth anymore. There are a full range of options that may be able to treat your condition:

  • Clear ceramic
  • Invisible options
  • Lingual or concealed options

You and your dentist can decide which option is best for you. There are options that will make detecting that you are wearing an orthodontic appliance virtually impossible. These options are great for anyone that wants to have a great smile and that wants to enjoy good oral health.

What’s the Point?

There are different reasons why adults choose to get straightening appliances. For some adults they were not able to get orthodontic care as a child and it is something that has always bothered them, as adults they take the plunge. For other adults it is really a medical necessity because their teeth are overcrowded and they fall victim to constant cavities and other oral health issues. As an adult you can take the steps that you need to, to improve your oral health and to keep your natural teeth healthy. It is an opportunity to take a proactive step in ensuring long term oral health. Using these appliances can reduce the number of cavities that you get and reduce the cost of care in the long term. Of course a great smile is also a nice benefit!

If you are interested in finding out if you are a candidate for Invisalign®, please call Stephens Dentistry to set up consultation with one of our doctors, or feel welcome to request an appointment through our webpage.

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