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Add Strength and Security Without Compromising Aesthetics With Aluminum Folding Doors

While most people think of hardwood finishes when they think of accordion doors, opting for aluminum has plenty of benefits. Many commercial buildings choose aluminum folding doors since they are strong, durable, and add security measures without compromising aesthetics. Here’s what you should know about these types of doors.

Strength and Functionality

Even the most basic aluminum folding doors add strength over their wood counterparts. It’s simple to use and opens and closes smoothly, as expected from a wood folding door. The durability makes it stand out, and you can choose from various finishes to meet your aesthetic needs.

Added Security Without Compromising Aesthetics

Commercial establishments often hesitate to add security doors for the sake of aesthetics, but you’ll get the best of both worlds when choosing aluminum accordion doors. The steel hardware and extruded aluminum panels are enough to deter potential intruders. You can take your interior aesthetics up a notch with finishes available in silver, gold, or bronze.

Choose The Right Option Based on Your Needs

With plenty of options, you can find the perfect fit for your establishment. Businesses from banks to bars, medical facilities, and anything in between have successfully installed folding aluminum doors. It all comes down to what environment you want to create and how much strength and security you desire.

When you’re ready to shop for the best quality aluminum folding doors, visit Accordion Door Store to see their selection.

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