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About Dental Implants in Lawrence

If you have missing teeth, it can cause many issues in your life. Besides the issues with self-esteem, you can have a more difficult time chewing and even talking. Having missing teeth can be difficult, but it does not have to be permanent. There are Dental Implants Lawrence procedures that can replace the teeth you are missing and give you back that smile and confidence that you are missing.

Unlike dentures, dental implants are not removable. These are much more lifelike and are more stable than dentures. With dental implants, the implants are truly like your natural teeth in appearance, feel, and look. They can be crafted to match the shade of your natural teeth so that they blend in perfectly with your mouth.

When making an appointment for your Dental Implants Lawrence dentist, you will need to make sure that you fully disclose any health issues that you have. Dental implants do not work for every person. If you are experiencing major health issues, your dentist may decide that you should not get implants.

Once you have given information to your dentist, he or she will do an oral exam on your mouth and carry out a series of X-rays. This will give your dentist information on the health of your mouth and which teeth you are missing. It will also tell your dentist which teeth need to be removed.

If you are in need of teeth being removed, your dentist will schedule this procedure first. Once all of the damaged teeth have been removed, you can be scheduled for your implant procedure.

During the Dental Implants Lawrence procedure, you will be put to sleep and your dentist will use a device that is implanted into your gums. This takes the place of your natural tooth root and allows for a artificial tooth to be attached.

Your Dental Implants Lawrence dentist will give you information on allowing your gums to heal after your implants. He or she will also teach you how to care for your gums and your implants so that you have good results and they last for years to come.

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